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Developing Destinies: A Mayan Midwife and Town
Barbara Rogoff gives an overview of her new book (Oxford University Press, 2011), in this 6-minute video with historical film clips (from 1941 and since) and photos. Royalties for the book are contributed to the Learning Center and other projects in the Guatemala Mayan town that is featured.

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Interview with Barbara Rogoff and Pablo Chavajay by the BBC and the Open University (1997)
This interview shows videos as Barbara Rogoff describes research comparing mothers' interactions with toddlers in a Mayan community in Guatemala and in a middle-class European-American community.

Teleconference discussion with Barbara Rogoff 
and Michael Cole and Yarrow Dunham and students and postdocs at UC San Diego and UC Merced (2008)

Barbara Rogoff,
Aug 12, 2014, 9:32 AM