David Lorente y Fernandez

Doctorante en Etnología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas
(55) 52081234
Personal Page: http://www.gemeso.com/les-membres/david-lorente/

Research Focus

David Lorente studies rituals and cosmology among the Nahuas of Texcoco, near Mexico City, and the Quechuas of South of Peú. His research focuses on cultural changes in indigenous areas with strong impact of modernity: which acculturate to the new social conditions, the function of ritual specialists, offerings and myths, with an ethnographic and comparative approach.

He is particularly interested in areas where habitants identify themselves as “not-indigenous”, who still hold a lifestyle, beliefs and social practices that have an Indigenous heritage which create conceptual problems in classifications and field work.

David Lorente is also interested in cultural process of reproduction and practices of knowledge transmission and traditions. Most particularity, how children learn Indigenous values, myth and cosmology through histories and tales narrated in Spanish by their parents, neighbors and other member of the community. Today, paradoxically, in context of modernity, children learn important Indigenous cultural practices in Spanish language.